SIGH 🙁 🙁 🙁

Photograph of the flowing Todd River taken by the ex mayor of Alice Springs, NT, Australia, Damien Ryan, (great guy 🙂 who gave my my Australian citizenship. 🙂 <3 The children in the Todd River, taken by me. And heavilly copyrighted by me.
This is the Todd River in Alice Springs NT heart of Australia. Where it SHOULD rain about 3 times a year and the old saying goes: “If you’ve seen the Todd River Flow you’re a local.”Wel in 12 years of being a local there I’ve seen it flow, bank to bank like in this aweful photograph 21 times I COUNTED!
Just saying out loud and illustrating with photographs stuff that I observe…… and observed over these years gone walkabout there in Australia and being back home in the Netherlands.
The hole in the ozonlayer is nearly about (guessing?) half the size of Europ, right above Tasmania, nearly hitting if not already, mainland Australia. When my friend in Alice Springs displays a photograph of her temperature gauge of her car showing 49C !!!! that’s too hot guys. I moved to Alice Springs, about the dryest and hottest place on earth! in 2006 average temp in summer of say 40C and UV 15? when I left the hottes measured temperature in summer (7-8 months a year approx) was 47!C NOW it rose to 49C! last year last summer.
ermmmmm. I am guessing that mother earth/nature is getting pretty sick and tired of all this bullshit. Sending cars into outer space, WHATFOR?! The electromagnetic field of the earth from north pole to southpole, carrying all the crap with it down south. Ozonlayer hole getting larger and larger. Now hitting not only the southpole (who cares? none lives there except a few lost scientists!) now also nearly hitting the western world the first wirl, Australia, and all of a sudden the west starts panicking…… well….. just saying……. what I see and hear and observed over 18 years. I scubadived the great barrier reef in 2004. Beatiful to see. Couldn’t scubadive it in 2016 due to my adhd meds. Don’t think I’d like to see it to be honest. Seeing a beach full of BLEACHED CORAL next to trhe great barrier reef, at cape tribulation, the most awesome place on earth the ONLY place on earth where the rainforest meets the great barrier reef…… Auch, don’t need to snorkel or scubadive the great barrier reef to know and see that oil tankers driving right through it to supply Australia’s mainland with oil and fuel…….. fucking up the great barrier. “With head down, a camera and a heart full of sorrow” that’s how I will title my story my book if I ever get to write one, like all my friends told me to do in Australia.
PS an indigenous young child once drowned swimming in this river the Todd River. F*** that mate! I cried so much inside, an innocent adventurous young child. DIED swimming the Todd River. In a desert town, in a river that should always be dry except 3 x a year. Like the old saying says.