“………. In my field of Paper Flowers, and candy clouds of lullaby,
I lie inside myself for hours, and watch my purple sky fly over me…………”

Amy Lee Evanescence. Song Imaginary.

Non night photography related, but it is the reason of publishing these images TODAY:
For Maartje, whom I met today 5/11/23 in the local forest. Below: An “Egg Yolk Paper Daisy” from the Outback of Central Australia NT. Alice Springs. Love it how Australians name objects (egg yolk Paper Daisy) describing exactly what it is (Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House lol etc) . So yeah, They do truly exist! Paper flowers. I told you about it! Amy Lee makes sense when she writes her lyrics. Nothing she and I do are done “by chance” but with a very well taught through reason.
“MOTHER NATURE LOVES YOU GUYS LOOK!” I always told the brides and grooms when picking one to photograph on their wedding day and shoot, to add to their memories of when they tied the knot. <3. With a bit of tender care and finger pushing, a perfect heart shaped flower with paper like leaves, hardy as what, no water needed to survive. Symbolising their love for one another that is hardy and will survive no matter what

………. In my field of paper flowers………

Paper Daisy Alice Springs.