Owen Springs Nature Reserve Night Photography
Where it is located. 75km s/w of Alice Springs.
No not home sick just discovering photographs which I thought were lost.

Am looking for the hand-outs I created for the photography workshops I held yearly at Owen Springs Nature Reserve with the ranger. And bumped into these old (thought lost) photographs taken there at night time. The line in the image is not a plane but a sattelite lol (30 sec exposure) Planes have no reason tho fly over central Australia where none lives 75 km drive from Alice Springs. and the big dots are from memory the moon and the smaller one Venus. Which I thought not to be able to spot in the northern hemisphere here in Holland, as it circles around the equater (Dutch horizon) but I was wrong, Have spotted her twice this week here in the Netherlands. Just for a few moments before she hit the horizon and moved below the equator (skymap app 😉 Yup, I know aI am a big nerd. And am Loving it . Got heavilly exited this week seeing 5 planets and the sun lined up in the sky (sun under equator). Checked my holy bible the SKY MAP AP for confirmation. Yup, one of these pretty rare natural events…. that excite me cos I thougt I only were able to see these kind of natural events in the night sky above me in the Outback of Australia. Southern Hemisphere.

Great to team up with indigenous leaders and govvy people (ranger) as a well respected professional photographer, that granted me access to enter the ruins of the “old” homestead” as they are on the heritage list an a no go zone for tourists. (250 years old, which is all the historic buildings they have in Australia). One of the conditions to photograph the national parks there is to have a Professional Photography Public Liability Insurance of at least 10 milion dollar which I always kept in my camera bag with a yearly to renew permit of Parks And Wild Life Northern Terry Tory / Central Australie, because of the countless sacret site in these parks, that are a nono to be photographed.
Recently at the new years function at the new Town House / Civic Centre I got asked to do a similar thing at the Ossenbeemd here in Deurne. Excited to tell that next week we are having a meeting to discuss this. Hence mee looking for these English written handout, of the basics of photography explained, for the people participating.