Night photography classes at Simpsons Gap Reserve. Have shot many weddings here and family photography etc. My favi park. My family visited this park too with the Dutch TV Program All You Need Is Love 😉 who dropped off my family in Alice Springs. They recorded at Simpsons gap and Robert Ten Brink was so anxious becuase my ex had told him this is my main photography location for family shoots. Etc. lol

Farewell dear Ranger. Off to a new park for you to manage <3
Spotted these images too, looking for the hand-outs of the photography classes I used to hold at Local Parks. Inspired by the Owen Springs Ranger who together with me organised these twice yearly photography classes at her park, I got a phone call of the Simpsons Gap Ranger ;). If I she could do the same with her beautiful park , one of my most favourite shooting locations for weddings and Families etc. Since, she said, it was such a success at Owen Springs Reserve, which did improve the interest under int. and interstate visitors and tourist to visit that park. Seeing the “bye”light painted photograph, I while I am writing this, remember we held this workshop at night, because it was the ranger’s last day being the Simpson’s Gap Ranger. She was wassigned another park to run after her 4 years’contract, which govvy contract are. Sigh, feeling slightly homesick now…… Good old times.

My work was way more than photographing houses and weddings. My intense deep passion for the land, the parks, nature , the night sky and town, made me do this voluntarily. I did help Tourism Central Australia with these kind of passionate activities. As I am still to the day of today, very much in love with the beautiful parks and surroundings of Central Australia en the East and West MacDonnell Ranges. A hot spot for professional photographers.