My sweet friend from Alice Springs, Australia, whom I used to work for as a photographer (she is a real Estate Agent) showed me this photo last night!, She is using a photo I took of a red dune taken at Old Andado Station, +/- 500 km South East from Alice Springs, a tiny shack located in the middle of nowhere near the South Australian border, as her monitor’s background picture. (see how desolated and isolated this place is in the total middle of nowhere, a place only accessible by a good 4WD or plane: I got there with a friend of mine, Rev. John Boundy in his little 4 seater plane, we flew there it is an hour’s flight from Alice Springs and an incredible journey to make. You fly approx 500 km and see absolutely nothing but dry red desert sand. A distance twice the size of Holland, no one lives there, not a soul until you arrive at the shack where old bush legend Molley used to live. Molley is no more with us but her legend is being kept alice by volunteer caretakers of the property. It is experiences like these that made me fall in love with the outback.) How awesome to see! I miss her heaps. She told me it is her favourite picture.

Her Corporate Identity for het business “Marion Burton Real Estate” is the colour Red. So it suits her very well to have it as a backdrop.

Glad I could make a dear friend happy with a lovely photograph of mine. What makes this so extra special is, that is is being used in Australia, the other end of the world. I gave her some really cool night photography photographs that stand out from the crowd, to use as banners on her Facebook Page.
That’s what friends are for hey. xxxxxxx

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