MISS THE AUSTRALIAN NIGHT SKY SOMETIMES and doing night photography the Joyce and outback way 🙁 here ist is just not the same
Thgis is one of my very earliest try at night photography with a torch all done in camrea no photoaghop,. just 30 seconds and some kick ass gear. and lots of selfstudy so I could come up with my own way of doing it in a uniqe way. Won awards with my night shots. 😉 Of one of the oldies o0f 2007 where I first attempted this style of photography this photograpg stands out to me for well cone composition and great lighting with torch. Enjoy.
Ols Thelepgraph Station right next to the “Alice’s Spring” who was that Sirr Charles Todd’s wife on the left not in picture, that that named the town Alice Springs. The Anangu name (local Aboriginal nale) is MBANTUA en Australia is called GODWANA