Trying to decorate my house and studio with old memories of my 2004 backpacking trip. That went also all the way to Cook Town, where Captain Cook stranded with his ship the Endeveour to make repairs. Damage he got on his ship from destroying (the say hitting) the great barrier reef.
I HAD TO PUT MY BIKINI TOP ON HIS EYES. He is NOT A GREAT MAN. Should not stand on a pedestal. He is the one that INVADED Australia on 26th January 1770.
Today is Australian Day…… A very contravesersial day for many
But never the less, back then I already was a black lives matter person who cannot stand inequality.

The bay photo is the exact spot where he got stranded with his ship to make repairs on it.
The picture of us digging is in the back yard of the lady in the picture , her parents house located on the hill, right opposite this bay. We found wine bottles, and tiny medicinal bottles. Etc. Dated 1770 thus coming from that ship