Buntven Zandbos by night. TADAAAAA

Someone told me it is near IMPOSSIBLE to photography stars in Holland. Way too much light pollution. Ok. That’s true. I can nearly read a book being outside at night time. Saw this tv program that confirms that the Netherlands, being way overly populated with 17.8 million people on a land mass approx 375 x 254 km square is one of earth’s lighrest/most light polluted countries. I find it so hard to find darkness here, Total pitch black darkness, where my extremely bouncy and overly full with stimuli adhd brains can find silence and no stimuli in my eyes. But just darkness. For my eyes to adapt and see more details than in day light hours. Cos my adhd brains can relax and hyper focus even better. It’s Nothing like in the outback where I lived for twelve years straight. Alice Springs. Nearly the darkest liveable place on earth with the very least in lightpollution you can find on earth. Not counting the south pole. So two Total opposite here.

This is what I think my very first SERIOUS attempt no one.
Please click on the image to enlarge it and to see the milion of stars.
Can be best viewed on a large screen. The stars are fainter than in Australia. But surely if I keep perfecting this skills in Holland and with hope fully New gear one day that is not nearly falling apart from extreme overuse lol. Let’s see what result I get then. For now I am pretty pleased with this furst result. Mentally photographed it a week earlier. My conceptual thinking skills are back. Wow.

Btw this is a stiched panoramic shot taken with 8 portrait oriented /vertical shots. How I managed to take a perfectly well composed rules of third and centre shot with 8 lose vertical shots? : Experience.

Photo 2 is pretty sick! Is giving me that great goosebumps feeling. Finally I can show my New starry sky to you all.
#deurne #joycevandijkfotografie #nachtfotografie #buntven

Below, 2004, as a backpacker in Australia, tried to draw the moon and stars, no decent camera and no experience yet how to photograph the stars.