Deze Aborioginal Elder zei (Vrouw hieronder- Donna en kleinkind, met wie ik al 19 jaar contact heb sinds 2004 toen ze mij in huis liet logeren als backpacker): Wij beschermen ONS stukje aarde en familie en natuur hier in Australie, iedere tribe hun eigen stukje land.... jij waar jij hoort en geboren bent en jouw roots liggen. En als IEDEREEN zo hun eigen dorp-stad- gemeente- stukje land bijhoudt, klopt de hele puzzel van de aarde als een mooi plaatje.
Deze prachtige motiverende erg instruerende altijd in mijn hart blijven plakken, woorden zijn 18 bijna 19 jaar oud. Hier wat MOOIE foto’s hoe er wel mensen zijn die weten dat hun kinderen niet graag met onze troep op gescheept willen zitten…… <3

In 2004 She instructed me:
Remove the Alcohol, and sigarettes (otherwise you won't be able to use your brains fully and correctly TRUE) walk some slower (with my fast moving European adhd brains) ENJOY all the beauty around you (it will not last forever) and care for others and empower each other's shortcomings to strengthen it and make it a better place for the next generation.
And that were the words (that I remembered) of an elder of the indigenous tribe in Far North Queensland who lived like this for 40- 45.000 years and always in harmony with mother nature. BALANCED.
I too, found extreme BALANCE in mother nature living in Alice Springs. The harshest climate on earth it seems…… No winter-summer time (DST- Daylight Savings Time) easy on the very emotional and senstivie heart and add and adhd brains I have. In 2018 I moved home to Holland. GONE WAS MY BALANCE and a burn out was there. No nature around me to find balance and structure. SAME ISSUE AS THEY – THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE HAVE.

Donna the indigious elder that told me these words back in 2004. When I traveled around Australia as a backpacker. This photo was taken in 2026, when I visited again.)
Her tiny wooden home-house, with verrandah, where the magic in me was planted like a seed, that started growing to something very passionate and big. House no longer exists, only on an old Google Maps creen print. I long for this house so often. It’s been eaten and destroyed by termites. Thus demolished for safety reasons. Her urge to stay living there was so big. “They’ve gotto pull me out of this house I will NOT leave!”She told me in 2016. Her balcony-Verranda wobbly as hell…… when I stood on it. It was smaller than how I remembered in my visual mind. The smell was the same, the room where I slept was still there but had become a play room for her grand children….. etc.
My car was parked on the brown bit in front of the fence. Later inside the yard. I slayed in her house. She fed me I fed them. NO ONE GOES HUNGRY HERE IN MY COMMUNITY SHE TOLD ME. When I complained that her family ate my food, whilst I was just on $25 a day budget. Well. WE ABORIGINAL PEOPLE SHARE EVERYTHING. FOOD< SHELTER, WE CARE FOR ONE ANOTHER! So…… your car where you sleep in and travel around Australiais outside girl………. or, just accept that people care and share. SHARING IS CARING I got thaught that afternoon. in 2004. TOOK ME 18 YEARS TO DIGEST THESE SIMPE|LE WORDS! 😉 Yup too busy bouncing around running around Asutralia with my adhd head (which I didnt even know was ADHD)’and I saw NOTHING. But 550 analogue photographs that prove me I did see it all. But couldn;t remember a thing. Running so fast paced….. adhd, didn’t observe a thing, but just there in Queensland (Daintree, the Table lands that I hope to never visit again, an aboriginal masacre took place there 250 odd years ago, felt the creeps driving around there, she explained to me why) and the Daintree (her rainforrest, and Cape Tribulation. Their own land, where I was invited to go hunting for food but as a vegetarian I said thank you but rather ot, I cannot kill animals) They laughed gently……. Well my heartt was so WHITE EUROPEAN WITH TOO MUCH WELLFARE IN IT….. a few hefty good beautiful memories…….. Then in 2006 I moved to the Outback of Australia. Stayed 12 years. Call that my “walk about”of 12 years. My heart changed 180 degrees, into (again, I also was a nature warrior as a small child) a loving, caring for others, nature respecting nature warrior that I am today…… Hope anyone reads this………..

This drawing was drawn from her verrandah, at the little wooden home in the rainforrest of Mossman Gorge.......... NOT FROM A PHOTOGRAPH BUT JUST BY LOOKING AT IT from kms away.... until the clouds appeared. I stopped drawing...... yesterday I found this photograph online and compared the two. I do have an extremly precise mind and brain and visual memory and working brain., Hence I am a professional Multi Award Winnning Photographer, My GP told me..... Wow.

Uncle Roy Gibson

I was told by Donna the female elder… this mountain top depicts their dream time story The Good Shepperd with all the animals of the Rainforest and ocean (Great Barrier reef) that feeds them. A sacret site that only in very special occasions may be photographed. THUS I DREW IT IN 2004
Last week I spotted this sketch book, after 18 years been unopened and saw what was in it. 3 drawings. This one, (mine) Aunty (their title in the tribe) Donna’s drawing of a turtle, their main food source she even wrote on it (they live in the nearly gone Great Barrier Reef at the coast where they live) 3. a Jesus portrait (Chief Uncle Roy Gibson) his drawing https://soundcloud.com/travelwritersradio/roy-gibson-indigenous-elder-of-mossman-gorge-rainforest-people-graeme-kemlo (his voice and story of the Rainforest he is the protector / caretaker of.)
I got told last week…….. in Instagram.. to FRAME IT….. to pass it on to you all. So My truth is Survival of the fittest, as they have proven it for 40-45.000 years (evolutiojn / Darwin Theory) and the Morality of the bible, of just looking after anoanother 😉 <3 I am no god botherer as I have seen the previous proven by the indigenous folks, theory proven. Also it took myself 2 years there and 4 years here to adapt and acclimitise to a 50C temp difference. Thus ADAPTABILITY.

Look what my ex and I used to do EVERY WEEKEND. Understand WHY I was homesick for years and still sometimes long very much for these kind of moments of peace, quiet and tranquility?! Won a few awards with this photograph. Cannot enter it into the World Pres Photo Competition as it was taken years ago. In 2007? I think. We respectfully camping out Bush in Outback Central Australia, taking all our stuff back home. My ex whom I moved to Alice Springs Australia for……(left, neighbour right) Instructed me: If you cannot respect the land as Aboriginal land, please f*** off back to Holland! So I stayed. And 12 years long. Our relationship lasted 7.5 years. The Town Of Alice diteriated and people moved elsewhere to civilised coastal towns. Icluding her, down South to Adelaide where the temperatures are still kind of bareable. I stayed another 4.5 years. Bought a lovely house but it did not seem to work out.
Last year my real estate friend Marion Burton Real Estate, recorded 49C on her car clock. That’s just insane. And that 8 months a year long…… I just couldn;t bear seeing my dad slowly getting sicker and weaker. He still lives. Love survives all….. he is stronger…… we seemed very home sick to one another…… And now I HAVE A STORY TO SHARE…. please read it and share it in a CONDENSED version. My 9/9 ADD and 9/9 ADHD won’t allow me to write in a condensed way. I wish I could. My Pictures speaak more that a thousand words………… that’s my best asset, my best communication skill…….
Is crowded in Holland.

The amount of awards I have won with this images are about 5 or so. Lost count. https://joycevandijk.nl/in-de-media/

This photograph seems to be very liked by Australian and international photo competitions even the Dutch National Geographic, which I totally did not remember having entered it lol……. like it that much to print it (after asking in 3 emails which I nerver noticed nor read, asking for the High resolution printable imgae) To print it with the Bewsite Submitted low resoltuion version. Including alcoholi indigenous person Johnny.
Both pictures (man in river with beer can and portrait below are “Johnny”And I promised him back then, I’d so something ultra important with his photogrphs. Think he passed away not long after. Alcohol killed him…… He lost the mental battle against the white regime/ system….
WOW. And I was in the mental emotional Coma of 4 years long, not getting or having my Dexies back. (ADHD MEDS I livedand thrived on in Australia) So… well. if that is just a beginning of what I am capable of being half brain dead… let’s see if I can enter the World Press Photo Competition with some strong images taken now, here in Deurne…….. I can enter, am a professional Photographer, just trying to get my head back on track to work fully functioning again. Just need some more time to settle some emotions……

Met gebogen hoofd, twee camera’s en een hart vol verdriet.

WITH HEAD DOWN, TWO CAMERAS AND A HEART FULL OF SORROW.…… the title of my unwritten book. That hopefully gets written one day……. STORY WHY THIS TITLE CAN BE FOUND HERE: >>
Camera’s are over 150.00 clicks (their life span) (164.00 clicks and 15400 odd clicks) so every photo taken now could be the lasty photograph………. and lookig for a writer…… Trying toi get back onto my own two feet again being supported by Senser… no money to hire a ghost writer (English and/or Dutch) nor buy a new camera. I found amazing people to focus on. My focus has shifted to beautiful ADHD and like minded youth and people and sharing all that I learnt in these 18 years “walkabout” In the hope to contribute to maing earth a slightly nicer place to live on. That’s all. And only photograph politically corredt (for my humanistic and very intens social minded heart) photographs. My camera’s nearly died photographing the wrong messages…. HAPPY NEW YEAR <3