Aboriginal Australia

My very biggest passion JUSTICE FOR ALL:
The the Australian Indiginous / First Nations culture (western name: Aboriginal) . my deep inside knowledge (due to having lived in the dead centre of Australia amongst the oldest living culture on earth I had loads of time to study it all up close. ) Still after 20 years of first meeting my beloved friends at the East Coast, our friendship has grown closer than ever before. Since living overseas (the Netherlands) and continuing and spreading my passion here of their culture.
Ps. Alice Springs is as far from Daintree Rainforest as Amsterdam to South of Spain approx.

At the Far North Queensland (East Coast) of Australia, on the other hand, things look much different.

Meet “Uncle Roy” – Roy Gibson, the father of my mate of 20 years and Tribal Elder, male Leader Roy Gibson. This great leader, who was illiterate but had and has a big passion for preserving what is dear to him: creating a better life for his kids and people, achieved his dream of protecting the Daintree and Cape Tribulation Rain forest and the living habitat for his tribe and people, the Kuku Yalanyi People of the Daintree and Cape Tribulation, World Heritage Listed land.

He even managed to regain the land title back in 2022. I admire him so much. So does the King of England, Charles. Prince Charles (6 years ago), now King Charles, according to Terrence, my mate, his son, “demanded to meet this man!” So he did.

I was the first white tourist 20 years ago to try out his “make-shift” Daintree tour, still in the conceptual stages. “Did I like it?” he asked me. “PERFECT!” I told him. “Don’t change this concept.” These days, a massive $5.4 million Art Gallery and boom gate are protecting the community and rain forest from deforestation and more. The children of his tribe enjoy schooling with Aboriginal English as a second language, preserving their culture. Alcoholism is gone in his tribe, etc., etc., etc.

How sad things have become in Alice Springs, Central Australia, compared to how thriving things are in Far North Queensland under the great leadership skills of my mate’s dad. It’s a different state, a different town, with different government, attitudes, and regulations.

It’s as different as Germany or France compared to the Netherlands. All are in Europe, but each has its own identity.

When the picture of Charles and Roy appeared on Terrence’s Facebook wall as a 6-year-old memory, I asked him how to interpret this pretty confusing-looking picture. Who is paying respect to whom? Or is it both, or Roy to Charles? No way, I said! Or is Charles being humble to Roy, your dad?

Finally, his son told me, “Charles had read in the British Times about my dad’s lifelong work and achievements. And he demanded to meet this man.” So he did. 😉 “Freaking BULYA! the reversed world happening here. The British Royals don’t really have that much of a great reputation with the indigenous folks of Australia, thus:


That is why knowing the CONTEXT of visual matter is so important! The perfect example of mutual respect and reconciliation depicted in one image! What one man, with a huge ‘dreaming’ (vision) 30 years ago, and 30 years of non-stop dedication can achieve. If only…. the rest of the world leaders could behave like this…..

ps: A smoking ceremony is to chase away the bad spirits and could mean Welcome to Country. Don’t tell Charles hey. lol.

Or both, Terrence told me. Teeheehhee. “Well,” he told me, “Charles wanted to kiss a lady he met 40 years ago, so we held a smoking ceremony for him before he could enter Kuku Yalanyi boundaries….” Smart mr Uncle Roy. Illiterate as god knows what but intelligent beyond believe!

Make Mr. Charles believe it is just a welcome to country…. 😉 Love my mates. And that is humour at it’s finest.

and a heart of GOLD platinum with diamond edges xxxx combined.

CONCLUSION: With great leadership and MUTUAL RESPECT, the unthinkable can be achieved. A different story unfolds in the red center, where I have lived for twelve years, and alcoholism is taking its toll. Even my ex, born and bred there, fled to Adelaide.