A lesson or two about the biggest country in the world that is also a continent where I have lived for 12 years and traveled all on my own, for 6 months, just in a car, in 2004 as a backpacker. I call this period of my life the “12 years Walkabout” (walkabout is when they send (in Alice Springs area at least) a young man out bush for say 2 weeks with just a spear no food no nothing, to get to spirital hights due to hunger and thirst. He needs to find his way back home by hunting food and survival techniques, finding water sources and making fire with whatever is available to do so…. to keep the wild dogs and dingoes etc from where he sleeps in a cave under a tree or just underneath the stars. When he survives finding his way back home, ceremonies will take place to honour him and he will become a man, which will allow him to get more knowledge of the Elder , about his dreamtime story – his story of creation of this world and his very significant role as a member of his clan. He will get more responsibilities towards his tribe and land. Women the same, but know littel about it. I learnt how to get 75% of the way back home, a regular non indigenous person will make it maybe 25%-50% if lucky, but a local indiginous person will definitly make it 100% back home. Because to start with, white skin without enough pigment and no 55+ plus cancer council approved sunsacreen, a hat and UV 400 approved sunglasses and long sleeves, (the reason my skin looks like I’ve never been exposed to the sun there for 12 years!) cannot bear the harsh UV 18 rays to start with. lol) All the indigenous mob wants is to teach the non indigenous folks – world about their way of living for the past 40.000 plus years, in the hope to get mutual understanding, some honest recognition for being there as a human in their OWN country, and live in peace and harmony. But the white gov isn’t listening that well and not really paying attention that much, as the western world and china are telling them to move on hurry up and play with the big boys. This is why I cannot stand and hate CLONFLICS.
(Don’t we ALL want some recognition for existing im this world?! Do we?! That is why I greet folks. Cos I too want to get recognition for existing as one of the nearly 8 BILION humans walking around on this well and truly mega overcrowded earth…….. so please give it to thers too. It’s pretty quiet here in holland, politically seen, compared with there…. breathing space (how iron to say this with 80cm2 per person here and 25KM2 per person there)……. no daily confrontations as a news etc photographer with issues like that. Just a bit time to relax in my head here in Holland. My job there as a professional senior award winning photographer was pretty INTENSE to say the least, working for the Nothern Territory Government as a clients. Expressing the wrong (in my head) confliciting messages, like a string puppet been plaid to capter what I would never capture, and especially to shut up about it all. I too had a mortgage to pay and needed food. Thus……. but no longer I will do this. I don’t need to, here in Holland. Not yet…… I just won’t. Rather go hungry that to one more time, communicate morally conflicting images for especuially government bodies. I learnt how to say NO and stand my ground. The Indiginous mob thaught me this.

It weren’t the UK mates that Discovered it forst, the DUTCH were hence the new NEW HOLLAND 🙂 but we left in peace, hence the 400 plus years friendship between our two nations.
I LOVE reading about Australia’s history, I am practically nill interested in Dutch history. My life is here my heart is there. one lived in the outback the old saying goes: “you can take the girl out of the outback, but you can’t take the outback out of the girl” TRUE TRUE TRUE <3 <3 <3

Here just some awesome interesting facts of hw the named Australia from the bery forst beginning. The Brits seemed to have some ego issues as always lol


The pink prat is a TERRITORY where I lived and worked for the Gov House in Darwin, they were my client and I was their go to freelance photographer. A TERRITORY IS NOT A STATE. Different jurisdictions and laws. one massive difference with a Territory and a state say Queensland is that the NT (Nothern Territory ) is I believe the ONLE OME not practising day light savings twice a year. So the clock never moved an hour forward or backwards. VERY VERY NICE for people like me with a very sensitive biological clock/routine. My town where I have lived for 12 years is called Alice Springs rigt at the Tropic of Capricorn. Smack bang in the dead centre and 130 km odd from the absolute geological centre of the contntinent. Cool please. it once was, no longer such. Only 25000 inhabitants (desert communities included I reckon) and in the whole of the territory only live 55000 people. 5%- of the 25 milion people that live at the coastal places near the ocean EAST and a few lost ones WEST. only 10% of which are aboriginals left

Detailed Australia Political map in Mercator projection. Clearly labeled. Separated layers.