Just some screen shots at the moment. I am having serious pain issues with my recurring shoulder bursitis. It’s taking longer to edit them in between painkillers. But great photos that capture how much impact a fire can have on mother nature. We received a letter from the council today in which they apologised for the disturbance to daily life caused by the extreme large amount of smoke. And what to do with respiratory issues due to the smoke. Sweet but I don’t believe an apology is needed. They can’t help a bush fire starting. They work with how many crew, even Utrecht was involved a city in the middle of the Netherlands we are south East. But it is only slightly burning underground now (peed does). AS A RESIDENT OF THE PEEL Thank you to ALL the personnel involved with controlling and extinguishing these fires. I have seen a fire crew refueling their bodies and tankwagon with water, heath exhausted and working 10 hours straigh. The darling had black smudges on his face, his hair all messed up. He gave me his email for correspondence of photos there were some brave strong women in his team they will print my photos and stick it on the wall in their collage of events. #smilingFromEarToEar